The Blessed Project

So yesterday I found something called the Blessed Project. It was over on Susie Lindau’s Wild Ride blog and I found it interesting. The older I get the more focused I am on trying to remain positive. Now I am not a big advocate of using the term ‘blessed’ as it is over used and cringy. But that’s just me and it even if I don’t like the word it is an amazing concept. So great job Susie!

I have a post coming up in the next few weeks where I talk about things I’ve learned. It is different from this, though it is possible that a few things might be similar.

The things I’m grateful for (or blessed with):

My family. They drive me crazy sometimes but I love them so much.


My cats. I truly love my furry babies. They are sweet and love cuddles.

The chance to write a book. Take that bucket list, I completed something huge!

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My best friends. They’ve been around awhile and they are still sticking around.


NYC. I got to finally visit NYC this past summer. Take that bucket list, another biggie off the list!

It’s Brooklyn

This blog. I am getting to have a voice by having this blog and that is something huge.


So this is my list. What about you?


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